The Execution of Mu’ammar Qadhdhafi

by Rastko Pocesta

Libyan dictator Mu’ammar Qadhdhafi has been summarily executed. It is unclear if he was shot or beaten to death, but the footage also shows that he was sodomised before being murdered. This was not enough – the morbid and obscene treatment of his body is even more horrific and leaves me speechless. Qadhdhafi’s death shows who hijacked the glorious revolution of the Libyan masses against a hypocritical tyrant – Taliban-like militias supported and trained by the United States.  More and more atrocities committed by the NATO rebels are being revealed. Others murdered included Qadhdhafi’s son Muatassim and army chief Abu Bakr Yunis Jabr.

Muatassem Qadhdhafi, who personally executed soldiers who refused to shoot at protesters, is seen here with fellow war criminal, Hillary Clinton, 21 April 2009.