Dobrica Ćosić: Not Nobelized

by Rastko Pocesta

Today, a hoax website under domain published fake news of Serbian writer and nationalist politician, Dobrica Ćosić, allegedly being the Nobel Prize in Literature laureate. One of the largest radio and television broadcasters in Serbia, B92, issued an apology to all visitors of its website, especially Dobrica Ćosić, for publishing this misinformation as real. The same happened to The Guardian on its live blog and a Serbian tabloid newspaper, Kurir. This is the statement issued by the perpetrators:

“The purpose of our activity is to bring to the attention of the Serbian public dangerous influence of the writer Dobrica Cosic, who has been, again this year, proclaimed by some as a serious contender for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Dobrica Cosic, author and public political figure, active for decades, always close to the highest political power and those who exercise it, from the Communist Party of former SFRY,  inspirators of their manifest of Serbian nationalism, infamous Memorandum of the Serbian Academy of sciences, former president of the Milosevic’s wartime SR Yugoslavia, to present alliance with reactionary and most dangerous Serbian pseudo-democratic circles in the new era.

We have registered the domain of this obviously hoax site on the 5th October 2011, as a symbolic reminder of that day eleven years ago, when Serbia missed a historic opportunity to create a different and better world. Today again, Serbia turns to war, terror and deadly kitsch of the nineties, violence towards diversity, nationalist conservatism and dishonest orthodoxy. We believe the political activity of Dobrica Cosic is still deeply intertwined with this hazardous value system, which does not cease to threaten us all.

Terrible consequences of decades of Mr. Cosic’s political, literary and public activity are felt to this day, both by his own country and throughout the region.

Dobrica Cosic is not a recipient of the Nobel Prize, although the general public in Serbia, and he himself, believed he is for 15 full minutes.

We find some solace in that fact.”

Congratulations, guys! Here is a great article on Dobrica Ćosić’s hate speech.