Belgrade gay pride parade banned!

by Rastko Pocesta

Today, Serbia capitulated to the hooligans. Corrupt politicians were afraid of the coming elections and they decided to ban the unpopular manifestation. I am horrified and the shock and disbelief is even greater than two years ago because the pride parade finally happened in 2010 and, amid violence and clashes between the police and the hooligans no participants were injured (except a Swiss national who was followed by the right-wing extremists and beaten after the parade’s end) and now we returned to that September day when, less than 24 hours before the 2009 manifestation began, government decided to ban it. Another shocking detail about this scandalous move is that it was made only hours after the Patriarch Irinej’s homophobic speech in which he called the event “parade of shame” and insulted its participants. This tells a lot about the power of the Serbian Orthodox Church in this country.

Belgrade gay pride parade logo